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Undergraduate thesis study

A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Undergraduate degree of  Furniture Design in the Department of Furniture Design of the Rhode Island School of Design.

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This is a chronicle of a dinning enthusiast who set out to share her ideas by designing for the everyday eater. The quest began with questioning what a traditional meal experience is and why it revolves around a static, flat table. What are the aspects of present-day eating scenarios that could be improved through design and social impact? I considered the conventions of dining, studying traditional forms, materials and spaces related to this practice, and proposed new tools for eating. I designed props for establishing a new kind of meal experience, the objects and events paired together as dinner performances. Each project and event is documented here as an entity in itself and as a catalyst for the next experiment. This book could be flipped through like an encyclopedia or viewed from beginning to end. The work illustrates alternately different approaches of how eating could be. My investigations revealed no singular answer but rather a wider understanding of what potential of dinning looks like beyond the table and beyond food itself. Eating is about exploring a ground of taste and texture, one that can be shaped — only then can one experience a meal.


Ingredient Study

The Big Bite


Picnic Garment




Evolutionary Bio